Church Invitation Equal to the Great Commission?

If I just invite someone to church is it the same as fulfilling the Great Commission?  The answer:  Yes.

The Great Commission was Jesus’ command to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  The biggest concern most people have about Jesus’ command to evangelize the world is people telling me they do not know what to say.  The good news is that most church’s altars are staffed with volunteers who do know how to connect or reconnect someone  to Christ.

Case and point.  Just this week a young mom brought a neighbor and friend to church.   After the message was done and the altar was open, the first one up to the altar was this young lady with her friend in tow.  She committed her life to Christ.  As I greeter her at the door she thanked me for the service and said she felt as if that sermon for just for her.  I get no credit as God knew just exactly what she needed.

So, lets all get busy inviting people to church, it just might change their life.