Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Stop Using Seeking as a Way to Avoid the Truth

Do people really want to know what the truth is, or are they simply looking for a truth that is popular?  Jesus said that the truth will set you free.  Notice He did not say it would make you popular with the culturally elite of the world.  We have in Christendom a ten year old movement labeled loosely as the “Seeker Movement.”  It is where we are targeting people who are seeking the truth.  One of the founders, Bill Hybels, recently said that they were completely re-evaluating their evangelism model because their churches are really good at creating seekers, but not transforming them into disciples.  This is not a criticism of Hybels or the seeker movement, but I do want to expose those who keep seeking but never seem to find the truth with a challenge to quit using seeking as an excuse to not follow Christ.   My theory is that most seekers know the truth, but they do not want to commit because it is unpopular, too hard, or simply goes against what their flesh desires to do.