You Can Change Someone…But Very Little!

Here are some great questions to ask one another before you get married.  Some people feel like they can change their spouse after they get married, only to find out people do change…but very little.  So, to make sure there are no surprises I am giving you some questions to ask one another before you get married.

To make this really work answer these questions by yourself, then go back and compare them with your fiancée.  Be ready for a long night, because these may seem simple and easy, but they unpack quickly.  The very one that seems like a slam dunk may become an unnavigable mountain.  Answer them now, or fight about them later.

Questions Before Marriage

Would your family support your choice to marry?

Is there anyone in either of your families that disagree with your marriage?

How many children do you want?

When do you want to start having children?

Who will take care of the children during the day?

What hobbies do you plan on keeping up with?

What kinds of past friendships do you plan on maintaining?

What religion will you be?

How will you raise your children in respect to religion?

Who will handle the money?

How many checkbooks do you plan on having?

While both are workings whose money is whose?

Will you rent or buy?

Where do you want to live?

What will you name your children?

Will you have pets?

What kind of school will your children attend?

How will you work out disagreements?

Who will work?

Who will stay home?

Who will do what chores?

What is the role of the husband?

What is the role of the wife?

What is your political party?

Will you buy a car?

What are your major goals and dreams in life?

Where will you spend holidays?

What family traditions do each of you want to carry on with your children?

Are there any quirks your future spouse has that you want to change?