Four Goals For Parents

As a Pastor I don’t give a lot of advice about raising kids.  I might later after my kids are older and they finish educating me.  Not long ago I read again that parents are still the number one factor in the children’s decision making process (with their friends being the second).  I sat down and thought if I had just a few things to implant to make my kids a success, what would they be.  So far, I boiled them down to just four.  I thought if I could just convince  them to adopt these for themselves I feel like I would be a success as a parent.  One thing that I did know was that I couldn’t  make them adopt my goals for themselves, they would have to want them for their own.

So here they are:

1.  Be a productive member of a local church all of your life. Without godly people inputing into your life, you are left with the television being the value promoting agent.  Plus, everyone needs a place to serve others with the church being the only organization ordained by God other than the family.

2.  Marry a Christian spouse who is “equally yoked.” After talking to hundreds of divorced people they tell me the worst mistake they ever made in their life was marrying someone who was not equally yoked according to the Bible.  Either they were not a Christian, a Christian in social aspects only, or they just wanted to do the bare minimums as a Christian believer.  In each instance, the marriage failed because the most important ingredients of a healthy marriage just were not there.

3.  Finish college or equivalent trade school. With training, most people can get a job that will support their family.

4.  Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance. This one was added lastly after seeing people who are doing all of the above but still making bad life decisions.  Learning to follow the Holy Spirit may be the most important but is a process we must do become

You may ask how I plan on encouraging my kids to adopt these goals?  Well first, I do my best to follow them myself, and secondly, and I just talk to them about these all the time.

When my book comes out in a few years I will