Financial Peace University

What is Financial Peace University?

This life-changing program teaches your congregation to achieve their financial goals by eliminating debt, saving for the future, and giving like never before. They will be challenged and motivated to make a plan for their money and change their family tree forever.

Financial Peace University (FPU) consists of a 13-week video curriculum—taught by financial expert Dave Ramsey—that incorporates small-group discussions to encourage accountability and discipleship. Financial Peace University is highly entertaining for everyone, with a unique combination of humor, informative financial advice and biblical messages.  More than one million families have already had their lives changed by attending FPU.

Financial Peace University Will Teach You:

  • The step-by-step process for getting out of debt for good
  • How to put together a monthly spending plan that works
  • How to protect your family from life’s emergencies
  • The right way to save and invest for your future
  • How a good money plan leads to a stronger marriage
  • What insurance to buy-and what insurance to avoid
  • How to get our great deals on the things you buy
  • The right way to buy or sell a home
  • How to unlock the power of giving to change your community

How do I join?  You can email me or sign up at church.  Let’s get started changing our financial future.

Watch this video for encouraging testimonies of Financial Peace University.

A New Way of Reading the Bible

After being a Christian most of my life and reading the Bible almost on a daily bases for a lot of years I have found a new way to read my Bible.  No, its not while swimming or anything like that and it isn’t actually “reading,” it is listening to God’s Word on MP3.  I know that the Bible recorded on cassettes or CD’s have been around for a lot of years but this is the first time I have taken the time to ingest the Bible by listening.

Wow.  It is like I have never heard some of these passages before.  A ministry out of Dallas called, “”” has taken on the challenge of recording the Bible into as many languages of the world that they can afford to and send them to people in villages and towns who have never read the Bible before.  Their ministry discovered that many people groups couldn’t read even if the Bible was translated into their language.

After hearing their mission we decided to hand out free MP3’s to our church and asked our congregation to listen to the New Testament in the first 40 days of 2010.  I am about half way through and it is so refreshing.  What is making this experience so exciting is that the people of Faith Comes By Hearing didn’t just read the Bible in a monotone voice, they dramatized the Bible with many different speakers, music and sound effects.

If you would like to get on board, just ask for a free MP3 at church while they last.  If not, you can order one directly from their ministry at the link listed above.