I’ve Decided – What Now?


I’ve decided to dedicate my life to Jesus; I want to serve Him, but what should I do as I proceed down this new path?  The first step is to pray because the journey is not going to be easy.  Here is a start to your pray on becoming a minister for God…

  • Thank God for allowing you to be part of the building of His Kingdom.
  • Ask forgiveness for any part of you that wants to let others do the entire ministry and not do your part.
  • Pray for His help in developing such a servant’s heart that you take greater joy in the accomplishments of God’s Kingdom than your own—just as a coach or parent takes joy in the success of those they’ve developed.
  • Pray for guidance as you think through the areas of ministry that you can be a blessing in.
  • Pray for strength as you face the criticism of those who resist change.
  • Pray for patience as you deal with those who believe the ministry of the church is always for someone else to do.
  • Pray for His’ timing as you advance down the path that God want to use you in.
  • Pray for His’ endurance, as the journey takes longer than most people want.
  • Thank Him in advance for the people that He is going to raise up, for all the ways He is going to help you along this path, and for a the great things the people of your church will accomplish as they serve in the ministries for which He created them.