Substandard Road Analysis

Substandard Road Analysis (SRA): One of the items that is holding up our project is the SRA evaluation of Livingston Road from US 41 to County Line.  Pasco County is requiring our church to hire a special engineer to determine Livingston Road’s ability to support increased usage by a new church being built.  It was a $10,000 project that we were going to have to pay for.  A great praise report is that an apartment building north of our property, who is also building on our road, is paying to have this done.  They have done all the work and are negotiating with Pasco County on their findings.  When done, we will be able to piggy back off of their finding at little cost.  The results will determine how much “proportionate share” we will have to pay into a “superfund” to fix roads in other parts of the county.  At some undetermined time in the future, Pasco County will upgrade the road in front of our church.