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Wednesday nights are not just a Bible Study…it’s a growing experience. God tells us numerous times how important it is to study the Bible.  He said to study the scriptures was to show ourselves approved, and that spending time in the Word fuels us for the good works we are created for (John 15).  So, when you come to Wednesday nights you are doing more than just looking up Bible verses…you are growing in God and becoming more useful to Him.

2 Timothy 2:15 (New King James Version)

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

When Children View Pornography

When kids view pornography

Today’s child lives in a culture where hard-core pornography abounds. Our children are being seduced daily, and we need to bear this fact in mind whenever we have the occasion to redirect them away from pornography.” –Rob Jackson

This blog post is a resource link for parents.  I too have three children and am concerned about the ease of availability of hard core porn on the web.  This is a great article produced by FOCUS ON THE FAMILY and written by Rob Jackson.  It has a series of articles on how parents can approach their children and help them navagate the evils that lurk in our world.

Click here to go to the article, “When Children View Pronography”.

I’ve Decided – What Now?


I’ve decided to dedicate my life to Jesus; I want to serve Him, but what should I do as I proceed down this new path?  The first step is to pray because the journey is not going to be easy.  Here is a start to your pray on becoming a minister for God…

  • Thank God for allowing you to be part of the building of His Kingdom.
  • Ask forgiveness for any part of you that wants to let others do the entire ministry and not do your part.
  • Pray for His help in developing such a servant’s heart that you take greater joy in the accomplishments of God’s Kingdom than your own—just as a coach or parent takes joy in the success of those they’ve developed.
  • Pray for guidance as you think through the areas of ministry that you can be a blessing in.
  • Pray for strength as you face the criticism of those who resist change.
  • Pray for patience as you deal with those who believe the ministry of the church is always for someone else to do.
  • Pray for His’ timing as you advance down the path that God want to use you in.
  • Pray for His’ endurance, as the journey takes longer than most people want.
  • Thank Him in advance for the people that He is going to raise up, for all the ways He is going to help you along this path, and for a the great things the people of your church will accomplish as they serve in the ministries for which He created them.

Why I Love the Church

i love my church

Why I love the church.  I grew up in church.  I’ve had great experiences there.  I love the Word of God, I love the fellowship of Christian brothers and sisters, I love the praise and worship, and I love what the church does for people.  That is the reason I became a pastor and started Heritage Christian Center.  I want as many people as possible to experience the same joy I’ve received from the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The other person who loves the church is–God.  In fact, He says that even the gates of hell will not prevail against the church.  Another reason to get and stay hooked up with a great local church is the promise that God would cause all things to work together for your good if you are called according to His’ purpose.  I challenge you to check it out—everything God is doing is through the church, in fact, He called it His’ church.  You may feel the church isn’t perfect, but I believe God meant for all of His’ imperfect children to be apart of this perfect work He is doing inside all of us.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8:28

Building Fees

How many fees are we going to have to pay to build? The way we calculate it right now is that we are going to have to pay about $100,000 in fees.  These are impact fees, building permit fees, water and sewer fees, and road improvement fees.  We will continue to update this blog entry as we firm up those costs.

Providing Water and Sewer

Water and Sewer: One challenge of building our new church is how water and sewer are going to be provided to our site.  This is important for our church because of our need not only for clean drinking water, but also for fire hydrants in case of a fire.  There is a water line at the north east corner of the intersection of our property.  We have recently secured permission to bring the water line down and under Livingston Road.  The sewer line is not as close, so we are planning to use a septic tank and drain field because of the cost of bringing the sewage line to our property is considerably higher.

Preliminary Site Approval

Preliminary Site Approval:  Our civil engineer has been diligently designing a master plan for our site.  This includes sewer, water, entrances, signs, landscaping, play areas, and building pad.  We are negotiating now with Pasco County on the amount of road frontage that we are going to be required to donate to the county in return for a building permit.

About Church Bonds

About Church Bonds: We have been in contact with a church bond company for many years now knowing this was a viable option.  The basic premise is that this company will come into our church and sell bonds in $500 increments with maturity dates varying from six months to twenty years.  They are very competitive in interest rates and have a great track record.  Any bonds not sold within the congregation would be sold to the bond companies “book” (past customers who invest regularly with their company).

Building Challenges

What are the challenges holding up construction? The main challenge right now is the finances necessary to proceed.  We need $200,000 before we can continue.  This is to pay off the land and have $100,000 in the bank to cover our costs during the building season.  Another challenge is the financing of the building project.  As you probably know, banks are not loaning any money to anyone right now.  A second option that we are investigating is selling church bonds.

How Big is Phase One Going to Be?

How Big is Phase One Going to Be? We are going to build approximately 10,000 square feet.  This will include a large lobby, which will double as a coffee area, a warming kitchen, a bookstore, bathrooms, an auditorium that will seat 200, and a preschool facility that will double as offices and Sunday school rooms.  Also, on the first phase we will have a playground for our children and those attending our preschool.