Cell Phones and Kids

kid-cell-phonesDoes it seem our kids are too connected. This is brand new ground for parents of the 2000’s. Everyone in the family has their own phone and can get calls at all times of the day or night. Have you every heard a 13 year old’s phone ring at 2am in the morning. One recent text asked my child if they were mad at them because they were not answering. I guess the person on the other end couldn’t sleep and wanted company. This time my child slept through the beeping –but I couldn’t. I texted them back. I reported that my child was not mad, only asleep. Signed, dad, of coarse.

So, my new rule is to have all cell phones on the counter by a reasonable time during the school week and on weekends. As you know with rules, you have to enforce them every night because they so conveniently forget them. But, until we come up with a better plan, I want those cell phones on the kitchen counter – or else.

Lists and More Lists

For those who love lists of “Stuff” I am going to list items that go towards a better life. For my first one here is “Things to be successful in 2009.”
1. Lead by Serving
2. Worship Passionately
3. Pray Unceasingly
4. Love Unconditionally
5. Make Disciples — Not Churchgoers